Changing the world the better one person at a time as we contribute to improve individuals’ lives with one product at a time.

Global Persence

Front its inception, KR was set up with a global vision. The uniqueness of the products and solutions created and delivered by KR makes them relevant and desired worldwide. With this approach in mind, even though still developing, KR operations spans across 4 continents.

We have raw material development and production in Chad (Central Africa), with Shea Butter being the icon product at this moment and many other natural resources to Turmeric and coffee oils. At our headquarters in the US, we research and develop, formulate and produce finish personal care products based on premium natural raw materials including shea butter from Chad and the other ingredients from India. The finish products sold under our registered trademark Shea Touch® are available in the US, in China, in France and in Chad. We are diligently working to further expand our market.

Our Afrindi new technologies research, development and application activities spanning between the US, India and Chad are another illustration modest but truly global vision.